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Find out why Instagram Stories are everyone's favorite way to get more clients.



A 4-part mini course for coaches who are ready to leverage the hottest new trend in selling on social media — The Instagram Story

Selling On Instagram Stories will show you how you can make more money, get more clients, and fill your programs faster using a platform YOU’RE ALREADY ON.

If you've ever daydreamed about:

  • An easy and fun way to reach your future clients — where you can be totally yourself AND be seen as an expert at the same time

  • Creating a deeper connection with your existing audience — so that when it comes time to buy, you’re at the top of their mind

  • Easier launches that don’t take a ton of planning, because you’re using strategies that are proven to work

  • Building relationships in lightning speed

  • And, of course, the biggie: getting booked up with dream clients

Then it’s time for you to take advantage of Instagram Stories.

Inside Selling On Stories, you’re going to learn the formula for turning your IG stories into a Dream Client Lead Machine.  

Without a ton of planning, you’ll be able to hop onto your iPhone, open up Instagram, put up a few strategic IG stories, and let them sell FOR you.

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Hi, I'm Taylor Slango,

and I've generated multi 6-figures in sales from Instagram stories. 

Now I want to teach you everything I know about selling in Instagram stories, so YOU can fill your calendar with dream clients too.

Here's what you're going to get so good at:

Video One: Instagram Stories & Sales Psychology 

Wanna know how to capture your clients’ attention from the literal second they click that little pink + peach circle? Then you’ve gotta know what’s gonna inspire them to keep watching — and excite them enough to reach for their wallet.

Video Two: IG Stories In Action — The Structure, The Design & The Engagement

What’s the difference between a “Connection” story and an “Educational” story? When is the right time to sell in a story...and how do you actually *do* it? How’s a girl make those captions super duper compelling? What are the tricks of the trade for integrating your brand colors directly into the story itself? Find out all the secrets in Module 2!

Video Three: Mini Trainings — Why They Matter & How To Plan Them

From choosing the topic of your training sesh to hooking ‘em in with a captivating headline….allllllllll the way to repurposing your trainings for maximum ease AND maximum profit, we’re covering it in Part 3 of Selling On Stories.

Video Four: Using Stories For Your Launch

Did you know there are 5 phases of a successful launch — and EACH one requires a different type of Instagram story? Bet you didn’t! In the final piece of this mini course, you’ll learn how to leverage Instagram stories for your next launch, including how to pitch on the ‘Gram. This is where you turn those lurkers into lovers of your content — and buyers of your programs. 

How about some bonuses, babe?


  • 14 Days of Daily Instagram Story Prompts — What’s better than making money and getting clients on the ‘Gram? Not having to spend a single waking second wondering what to say! Simply take this sweet little two-week bundle of story prompts and hit the record button. (Brushing your hair first: optional)

  • How To Repurpose Your Instagram Stories — The old way → Record mini training. It dies in 24 hours. The end. The new way → Record mini training. Easily turn it into an IGTV. Feed post. Or pop it in your Facebook Group. I’m showing you how to make your IG story live longer using my favorite [free] app.

  • Anatomy of A Social Media Post That Converts — Ever been curious about what makes a social media post sell...and what makes a social media post suck? *Whomp whomp* In this mini video training, you’ll be walked slide by slide through a social media post that directly resulted in one of my biggest launches ever. Hosted by my copywriter and business soul sister, Lauren Vanessa Zink. 

Ooo, turn me into an Instagram Story seller!


If we haven't met before,

I'm Taylor, and I’m an online business coach helping female entrepreneurs build businesses that give them time and money freedom.

Through my 5-star podcast Aligned & Ambitious Radio, my Facebook community, and my coaching, I’ve helped more than 2,500 women grow their 6-figure foundations — and served 13,000 more. 

The women I work with sell out their launches, master their marketing, and become innovative leaders in their space. And while I’m booked up with private coaching through October of 2021 (yes, you read that correctly), inside this mini course, you can learn EXACTLY how I used the power of Instagram stories to fill my practice and get loaded up with dream clients.

xo, Taylor


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